freshly-milled, Whole organic Heirloom and ancient Wheat


Our Pasta

We believe in REAL food. Sustainably grown, organic, nutritious, fair, artisanal. 

Pastificio's community centered pasta starts from scratch. It is made fresh, right here in Boulder, CO.

We partner with local farmers and artisans to blend the results of their craft with our passion for fresh pasta.

What makes our pastas unique?

We use organic heirloom wheat such as emmer, red fife and einkorn, sourced as locally as possible.

We then fresh mill the wheat in house minutes before mixing the dough as to keep our whole grain pastas at the peak of its nutrition.

Age old Italian techniques inspire us to create a variety of shapes, some filled with fresh cheeses and vegetables from local farms.

This same beautiful produce is transformed into our seasonal sauces. 

REAL and delicious food. Good for the Earth and our bodies. Food as inspiration, to create memories and connect us with our friends and family at the table.

Buon appetito! 

Claudia and Ted